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Learn to fight
it is the key to strength
Learn to endure
it is the key to success
Learn to love
It is the key to happiness

There is so much to say.
So many events to recount, so many blessings to make note of. Stories of Casanova and Enigma, of Next Lifetime and Mint Condition
And even Theodore made an appearance or two. So much has happened in this past month. I am content and open to what is coming. I’m looking forward to these next few months.

I am most happy about these blessings from my God. He helped me plan for the future, he gave me visions of what I should be working towards, and because of this I have placed these things at the forefront of my mind. I’ve been diligent, faithful, and flexible. I know that things don’t always work out how I think they will or should, and I have accepted that. And am much happier because of it. God is in control and I know this is how life is supposed to be.

One day soon I I’ll elaborate on these people and happenings, but until then, love life, enjoy the people around you, plan and work towards your goals, and love yourself.


Could this be an overreaction?
This need I have to be near you
To inhale your words
And breathe in your scent
Maybe an obsession?
Cause I count the minutes
Days and seconds that go by
Until we speak again
Til I am engulfed in your embrace
Or is this an addiction?
I feel as though I’m drifting, in and out
Comatose, intoxicated
You cloud my sight and flood my ears
Consume my thoughts
Leave me anxious and wanting
Could this be love?

He is the forbidden fruit I spoke of in a poem I posted earlier. Casanova. Of course that is not his real name, but he embodies the essence of the man after whom I have chosen his alias. Everything about him pulls me in. And like a Icarus to the sun, I fly, on my wings of feathers and wax.

Sigh…I am not sure why he is my most recent male attraction, but there he is. Yes he’s handsome, he’s talented and funny, yes, all of those things. But so are other guys, but there is just something about Casanova that I just can’t shake…My attraction to him reminds me of a theme inin the myth of Icarus–greed. I, like Icarus, am so wrapped up in having what I want that I pay no heed to the dangers that lie ahead…and with Casanova, he is the worst kind of danger for a girl like me. I want too much to be with him, and not so much in a relationship with him, but rather writhing beneath him. Lust is something I haven’t much really had to deal with, but with this man, I fear that I have opened Pandora’s box and liked what I found. And so, because of this, I wrote another poem that was inspired by Casanova…I just hope I can let this attraction go sooner rather than later. Nothing good can come of it.

“Feathers and Wax”

He’s at the back of my mind
Like an itch I can’t scratch
A habit I can’t shake
The monkey on my back
Constant ache between my thighs.
My body remembers the feel of him
His voice drums in my thoughts
Face highlights my dreams.
This craving, triggered by just his name
Has me soaring head first,
Inhibitions to the wind, into the sun,
On wings of feathers and wax.

Stop before this gets any worse.
Forward not backwards.
Remember your past.
Don’t repeat it.
Stay strong.

He is everything I hoped he would be
Charisma unmatched.
His smile, his scent,
The very thought of him
Awakens every nerve
Calling me to him.
Once was enough.
I tasted the fruit of temptation
And made it out unscathed.
But now I hunger for it.
I yearn for just one more bite
One more piece
Of the forbidden.

“When it Rains”

It comes and goes,
Much without warning.
The soft pitter-patter
Growing into a resounding symphony.
Its forceful presence
Emits a calm reverie
Bringing down upon the earth
Its cleansing and purifying waves.
Drip drop, plop,
again and again.
Washing away the worries of today
And the sins of yesterday.
Sporadically and righteously
Feeding the seeds of promised harvest,
Rinsing clean what once was of filth.
Leaving behind a pristine slate
And the hope of abundant tomorrows.

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