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Got Chocolate Milk?

Posted on: February 28, 2013


Mom! You’re right! Milk DOES do the body good!!

So all these years, our mothers have been onto something, making us eat our veggies and that we get a good serving of milk in our daily diet!

So I’m in the beginning stages of improving my health, and part of that is working out daily, eating healthier, and making sure I am not lacking any of my vitamins. Well, working out isn’t foreign to me but it has been kicking my butt lately. I’m really tired and sore, and yes I have been stretching. I know that my body has to get used to being active, but I feel as though I am way too tired and too sore. So, being the Google Queen that I am, I looked up workout recovery drinks and formulas. I came across this site here, http://www.freshwaterswimmer.com/2011/05/on-recovery-drinks-diy-and-otherwise/, it caught my attention because I am a swimmer, and I know whoever wrote this must know what my body is going through. Weeelllllll, long story short, the author was interested in finding a more affordable way to replenish his body post-workout, he gave us readers the recipe to a good DIY drink mix, but before he did that he mentioned a great, inexpensive alternative to his favorite, more expensive, recovery drink mix, chocolate milk.

I KNOW RIGHT?! Who would’ve thunk it?!

I was flabbergasted. Chocolate milk…really? The stuff that I used to love as a kid, and sometimes had to beg my mom for? This simple drink that children all over the world love? I was a disbeliever, so after more extensive research I found that yes,  chocolate milk does indeed help to replenish what was lost during a workout and it also helps support strong bones! Smh you all won’t believe how silly and slow I felt. I was ready to spend money that I don’t have to buy numerous ingredients to make this recovery drink so that my workout didn’t take so much from me. But I am sooooo happy that I don’t have to worry about measuring servings and portions for some drink that might taste like a chalky version of strawberry or vanilla. I can just chug one of my all-time favorites and save my body from enduring so much pain.

Nesquick here I come!!

Ciao Dahlings!

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