POEM: Day to Day

Too much.
Too soon.
Chain your heart,
Though it beats erratic rhythms
Thriving off it’s own impulsivity.

Calm this need.
Speak not all truths.
Be patient in your desires,
For they will be fulfilled
And all will be revealed in due time.

Magnetic, uninhibited, irrational, and dangerous.


Tomorrow Will Be Better

Some days will be good. Others will be great.

Today turned out bad.

As short as it was, I had a moment of fear and pain and doubt. I remembered all of the bullshit I’ve gone through and thought about the people who have done me wrong and I did the stupidest thing I could do, I compared our lives. Now I know that it was dumb, but it happened anyway…

I couldn’t help but be frustrated and angry at their successes and happiness. How come the people who hurt me, did me wrong, tarnished my good name, the ones who put me through hell…how come they get the things that I have always wanted and prayed for? What am I doing wrong here?

I always ask for understanding and clarity and guidance, but it seems like I cant get those things.

I dont know man. It just seems hopeless sometimes…but I know that I must maintain my faith and not give up so easily. Nothing worth having comes easily right?

As tired as I am, I cant afford to be tired or fed up. I must be diligent. I must be patient. I can’t try to force it…it must come in its own time, when I am ready, deserving.

And I will wait….some days it will be easy. Others will be much harder
But all days will be worth it, when my desires come to fruition.

Today wasn’t so bad, and I had just a small lapse of doubt. Tomorrow will be better.


Almost August

Here it is…July twenty-something and I haven’t written anything in months…jeez. So muxh has happened and yet not much has changed.

I am alright. Still blessed beyond what I should be.

I have an interesting array of spirits housed within the people who are in my world now. Some of them very unexpected,  but overall I am pleased and excited to see where these friendships go. God is moving, doing his/her thing and I am just going along for the ride…

I might make my own NaPoWriMo come August so I can flex my poetic skills and give a nice charge to the creative side of my brain.

I always have things to say, so many thoughts, so many things I’ve reflected on.

And just for the sake of writing, I shall write a little something about someone new…

UNTITLED (for now…)

You are golden.
Not merely in complexion
But in essence.
Your spirit shines through your eyes
And your smile,
Reflects the genuine heart of a child.
Though mild,
Our conversations flow freely
And intellectually
Leaving me satisfied yet craving more.
Your voice is like melted butter on homemade bread
Guttural and sultry.
And I don’t even think you know
How it cloaks me.
Reminding me of comfort and peace
Strength and security,
Demanding the attention of the Woman in me.
In awe at the wonder of you, I am contentedly.
But beyond your physical attributes
Blessed as they are,
Your soul shines warm
Like sunlight through a glaze of honey.
I find myself drawn to it
To you,
Wanting to delve deeper than the ocean’s floor
Into your mind
Ripe as a peach
And sweet as a plum.
You are an unexpected one.
A pleasure to behold
And I know,
That the worth of an man like you
Is priceless.
Even amongst a sea of rubies and gold.


Fuck! I feel so dumb! Like just plain foolish!

How could I so easily let you in my heart not realizing it would be broken? And I’m just crying here in my room in the dark like a pitiful fool.

No matter what I say to you it doesn’t matter does it?! Over some little shit…fuck. I’m so pissed like hurt and angry and sad and just ugh! Why the hell is this okay? Why is it okay for you not to give a damn about me or how you’re ending this?! And the god forsaken tears wont stop….i hate giving my heart away. I swear on everything it sucks so badly because I’m  ALWAYS the one left crying and in pain.

How could you just set me asode and ignore these past few months as if they were nothing?! You said you loved me and now it’s just gone?! No love, no feeling, no nothing?! Why do i deserve that?!?!?! Did I really hurt you as badly as she did? What did I do that was SO horrible?

I’m here losing sleep, can’t focus, and you’re just unbothered by this…while im bouncing back and forth between anger and resentment and utter brokenness.

I really need to shut my heart down permanently. Cause this is just too much to deal with….damn!

POEM: Different.

And here I thought you were different.
Your tenacity was refreshing,
Attitude inspiring.
Even the assurance with which you spoke my name…it was different.
See, before I knew it I had fallen.
Dove head first, blindly
Into those deep brown orbs of yours,
Those kind eyes that twinkle even in the daylight.
And that gleaming grin that makes me forget how to breathe sometimes,
Yet always causes my heart to
Thump-thump-pause for a few moments-thump-thump in awe.
Pulse pattering sporadically in my veins.
It was bliss.
We had a good thing you and I,
For the first time in ever I was me.
Unabashedly me.
As uncommon as it was, I stripped myself freely,
Trusting you without second thought.
Bearing parts of myself that others had not even glimsped.
And yet I was left standing alone.
Naked for all the world to see and without a stitch of anything to maintain my innocence.
My broken pieces were exposed,
My fragility and imperfections reflected in those eyes I adored,
And I suddenly felt shamed.
Discarded and dismissed.
You took away the warmth that my cold heart had clung to,
The hope that you had once given.
And for a while I thought that you could and that you would be,
You were supposed to be,
My solace.
My get away from the frustrations of every day
My peace…
And I was supposed to be yours.
But apparently you aren’t so different.

It’s Been a WHILE…

Lord knows I have been SLACKING super majorly on writing on this blog!

But never fear, I have not forgotten it. I am actually going to be starting a new experiment/project, and this will be the laboratory in which work.

I have decided that I want to become a creative writing teacher…it scares the HELL out of me but, I guess that means that I should be doing it since it takes me out of my comfort zone. It’s sorta been a secret dream of mine to teach writing, and now I’m gonna try and make it happen!

But anyway, onto this experiment of mine….seeing as I have NOT participated in NaPoWriMo this year (i know, it sucks…been too busy and I actually forgot for the first week or so) I figured I could but my writing skills to use in another way, one that would possibly prepare me for my future career.

1.  I have re-joined the RPG-Fiction site We’ve Got Obsessions as a means of character development and to reawaken my creative brain.


2. I will be doing writing prompts on here…

I won’t be posting EVERYTHING I write on WGO on here, but I will post the best scenarios that I write. As far as the writing prompts, I haven’t found a direct source for them as of yet, but I will be searching, and once I find it, I will begin writing! Now realistically speaking, I probably won’t do one a day. It would be nice, but I know my life and how distracted and how busy I can get (like right now I’m supposed to be retyping these Arts and Crafts lesson plans smh). So I figure anywhere between 2-5 writing prompts per week is a good starting point.

My goal is to get back in the habit of writing everyday and to make it so that I can be comfortable again creating my own worlds, cause quite frankly I’m uber rusty! And how can I teach someone something that I don’t even practice myself?!?!

Anyways, like I said, I should be doing work right now. Now that I have gotten this off my chest I can resume doing the work that I am being paid to do.