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The Good Old Days

Remember the days…

I’m here with my little brother, whom I haven’t seen in years by the way, and he’s playing our old Nintendo 64 and I’m remembering all these good times we had as kids. I really missed him. Though he might not know it, I’m really glad he’s here. We argued so much as children and had our differences but we’ve come so far and grown so much.

We used to love playing video games together, acting out the scenes, racing, play fighting, all of that stuff. And now that I think about it, I kinda miss it.

He’s become such a good young man. I’m really happy about that…

And speaking of happy, that’s how I’m feeling as of late. Aside from ther slight fear and uncertainty I feel about the professional and academic parts of my life, I am so happy that I am home…that I actually have a home. My family and I have gone without a place of our own for many years now and I am so grateful that we were blessed enough to get this apartment. I love it!

Now granted we don’t have that much right now, dishes, my bedroom set, etc., I am still glad and happy to know that God has blessed us with what we have. We are all together, alive, and have what we need.

I guess we can all get back to being relaxed and happy and enjoying our lives a bit more.

Be blessed and grateful.



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