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Been feeling find of creative lately…

Which is great since it has been a while since my creative bomb was ticking. But its back to its old habits! Lucky me!

I wrote yesterday, it was great! I felt amazing! I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything. The addition to the story was great, it all felt like I had just written it (even though I just continued a story I started in 2011).

I hope this writing bug sticks with me for a while. I’ve missed it.

I guess I have New York to thank for that. I always seem to be inspired when I am here. And since I’ll be here for another 4 months I see much more inspiration in the near future. (I’ve even got a painting itch. I just gotta get an easel and some thinner 😛 )

Maybe today and Friday I’ll peruse around the city and peek into a galleries maybe even find an art supply store or two! I hope so!

Here’s to hope and my muse, NY.


Ciao! :-*


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