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Tired…So Very Tired

My. Feet. Hurt.


I like my job, I really do, but I am so worn out. I work every day, and they ask me to stay later than my scheduled times. That’s great because I need the money and all, but Jeez! My feet are killing me. Definitely going to have to soak them everyday this week. I will not publicly complain, like I said I need the money, but I just wish I had someone whose job it was to rub my feet with hot oil when I got home (a girl can dream right?).

Anyway, I went to bed kind of early, for me that’s before 12 AM. I was standing for 8 hours yesterday at work, smh. Gotta make that dough though!

Hopefully I get off early today though, I’ve been thinking about running, which is saying something for me since I don’t run. I think I shall hit the gym when I get off work (if I get off at a on time).

This is my first morning post haha! I just felt the urge to post, and so I am!

Love live life you guys!




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