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And the Beat Goes On

Music is and has always been my greatest muse. Regardless of where I am or what moon I’m in whenever I listen to music it truly effect how I feel and what I think about.

Now I know that everyone says that. But honestly I can say that I feel music down in the core of me. Now I know that’s probably due to the fact that I am an extremely emotional person. This is advantageous to me because when I create I know that people can feel how I’m feeling when I write and when I paint. Because I have such a strong connection with my emotions I know how to transcribe them into my works of art–any great artist should be able to do this.

Back to the music though…

Music makes me feel even when I don’t want to, it’s so therapeutic to me. It consoles me when I am alone, it patches up the wounds not visible to other people, it makes me remember the greatest and most treasured things in my life. This is why I am so open to the genres of music and the artists that I listen to. When experiencing music for the first time I try to connect with the artist; see what they saw, feel how they felt when they wrote and/or sang the song. That’s a powerful connection–empathy. Every song has a meaning and intent, so I try to grasp that with my heart and truly immerse myself into their words, into the sounds and the feelings.

I find it amazing how people can sing of experiencing the greatest love and pain and sacrifice–and to truly mean those words that they belt out over those catchy melodies. Their loss, their darkness, anger, excitement, blissful and childlike happiness–I want to feel those things, I do feel those things. All of it gives me hope that I am not the only one who experiences such heartache and up and downs in life, and it makes me hopeful that one day I would truly get to experience joy and love  as they have.

Music truly touches my soul, and it’s not merely based on “talent” or popularity. Its the passion behind the music and laced in the words. I guess this is the reason why I’ve always wanted to master the art of playing an instrument, I’m already a write but if I could combine those two I can only imagine the things I would create.

Cherish your feelings, and revel in the magnitude of your emotions–don’t shy away from them. The complexity of them make you who you are.

Ciao! ❤


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