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I’m not really sure how to begin this. There are just so many things weighing on my heart and mind right now. Where do I begin?

I want so much of everything it’s driving me crazy. Why must I be so indecisive? I want it all! But I know its not possible.

I’m feeling all confused, afraid, hopeful, excited, and frustrated by everything. I want to leave New York. But there are reasons that make me want to stay forever. I want to travel but I also want to out down roots somewhere, as soon as possible. I want to write and to paint and to experiment with every single one of my interests and hobbies, but I don’t have the luxury of doing all of these.

How do I just choose a path? I’m afraid of missing out on the best people and experiences of my life if I only choose one. Do I really even have a choice?

How do I know what will truly make me happy? Will I be happy with my choice after I make it…time is winding down and I’m afraid of making bad decisions, I’ve never really made bad decisions, but bad things happen sometimes…regardless of whether or not I chose what was best for me…what is best for me?

When the time comes I’m not sure I’ll be able to choose…I don’t want to break any hearts or wind up hurting myself.

What do I do?


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