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Take Care

One must always take care of one’s responsibilities to self, to one’s family, and to one’s community

The past year has taught me much about patience, faith, and diligence. I have truly understood the meaning behind faith without works is dead. Though trying at times, my experiences have given me a new outlook on life.

I’ve regained and strengthened my faith and have refocused my thoughts and efforts. My goals have always been the same but they are a bit more clear and I have placed more importance on seeing through the course of action laid to assure those goals become a living reality.

I have taken care of myself, my mind, my heart, my spirit, and I’m taking care of everything else that resides outside of my body–education, finances, relationships, etc.

God maintains his/her presence in my life and continues to keep me protected. I am very grateful for that. I am constantly reminded of the many blessings that have been given to me and I will continue to mind my attitude towards the negative things in life.

I’ve come a long way from being broken, hopeless, angry, depressed, and faithless.  am proud of myself.

Though I know I have a lot more to endure and experience and also that this road is much longer, I have faith hat everything will happen as it should and I know I must continue to take care of my dreams. They are what keep me motivated, inspired, and happy.


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