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We Connect, Reconnect.

NaPoWriMo 2014
Day 15; Poem 16

“We Connect, Reconnect”

Is it bold of me to think that I cross your mind?
Not on some friend shit,
But on some, I wonder what she doing type shit
Is she thinking bout me too?
And if,
She is, then maybe I should hit her up

Would it be forward of me to think that you miss me?
That you envision my smile
Hear my laugh every once in a while
Could it be that while,
I’m missing you, you miss me too
I could only wish for such luck.

Cause if I had to be honest with myself
I would have to say you’ve been on my mind like lips to fine wine
Running laps through my head no Usain
Missing you so much its a shame
But I keep my thoughts to myself
And hear your voice only when I’m by myself
Thoughts lost on tidbits of your smile
And if I could just wait a while
I’m sure we’ll reconnect.

Sure we’ll get back to that place
Where chemistry and philosophy
ain’t got nothing on what’s between you and me
So deep our minds run like tunnels through the ground
Hearts intertwine and disperse, but always find their way back round
We’re linked you see
No words can describe what has no physicality
But has characteristics of being present entirely
And infinitely
This thing is real
It matters not who she is
Or what he isn’t
What matters is how you blush and don’t know it
And my eyes know my heart and show it
Whenever we meet
Whenever we


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