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Fuck! I feel so dumb! Like just plain foolish!

How could I so easily let you in my heart not realizing it would be broken? And I’m just crying here in my room in the dark like a pitiful fool.

No matter what I say to you it doesn’t matter does it?! Over some little shit…fuck. I’m so pissed like hurt and angry and sad and just ugh! Why the hell is this okay? Why is it okay for you not to give a damn about me or how you’re ending this?! And the god forsaken tears wont stop….i hate giving my heart away. I swear on everything it sucks so badly because I’m  ALWAYS the one left crying and in pain.

How could you just set me asode and ignore these past few months as if they were nothing?! You said you loved me and now it’s just gone?! No love, no feeling, no nothing?! Why do i deserve that?!?!?! Did I really hurt you as badly as she did? What did I do that was SO horrible?

I’m here losing sleep, can’t focus, and you’re just unbothered by this…while im bouncing back and forth between anger and resentment and utter brokenness.

I really need to shut my heart down permanently. Cause this is just too much to deal with….damn!


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