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Almost August

Here it is…July twenty-something and I haven’t written anything in months…jeez. So muxh has happened and yet not much has changed.

I am alright. Still blessed beyond what I should be.

I have an interesting array of spirits housed within the people who are in my world now. Some of them very unexpected,  but overall I am pleased and excited to see where these friendships go. God is moving, doing his/her thing and I am just going along for the ride…

I might make my own NaPoWriMo come August so I can flex my poetic skills and give a nice charge to the creative side of my brain.

I always have things to say, so many thoughts, so many things I’ve reflected on.

And just for the sake of writing, I shall write a little something about someone new…

UNTITLED (for now…)

You are golden.
Not merely in complexion
But in essence.
Your spirit shines through your eyes
And your smile,
Reflects the genuine heart of a child.
Though mild,
Our conversations flow freely
And intellectually
Leaving me satisfied yet craving more.
Your voice is like melted butter on homemade bread
Guttural and sultry.
And I don’t even think you know
How it cloaks me.
Reminding me of comfort and peace
Strength and security,
Demanding the attention of the Woman in me.
In awe at the wonder of you, I am contentedly.
But beyond your physical attributes
Blessed as they are,
Your soul shines warm
Like sunlight through a glaze of honey.
I find myself drawn to it
To you,
Wanting to delve deeper than the ocean’s floor
Into your mind
Ripe as a peach
And sweet as a plum.
You are an unexpected one.
A pleasure to behold
And I know,
That the worth of an man like you
Is priceless.
Even amongst a sea of rubies and gold.


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