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Human Relations

When people come into your life it is always a learning experience.

But what I hate most about that whole scenario is that people forget or neglect to acknowledge that you have feelings. Sometimes they honestly don’t care.

What I don’t understand is the notion that after your feelings get involved (which they ALWAYS do in ANY situation–whether it is strictly a friendship or there is intimacy involved) the other party always deems it their responsibility to let you know that you don’t have “the right” to be upset or mad or hurt.

What in the fuck does that mean?!

As a human being involved with anyone else I have a right to feel any way I please. I can be pissed off or sad or just plain irritated. Yes I do.

However I do understand what the statement is supposed to mean: you don’t have the right to expect me to care that you’re angry or upset.

No one owes anyone anything in this life. Just because one person cares, you cannot expect other people to care as well.

Unfortunately this is the risk we all take with human relations. You never know someone’s true feelings or thoughts. You may never truly know someone…no matter how intimate you have been, no matter how long you have known them.

And this is the part that sucks.


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